Will Dashboards Rule This Digital Age?

With the world digitalizing a little more daily, how we view data has changed a lot. All the information is available at your fingertips. Gone are the days one needed to sit and spend long hours calculating and filing up records of data in order to store, view and compare them.

Dashboards have become an easy and reliable tool to turn to when dealing with multiple data management sources. This data management tool is being used by many today, to analyze data from various platform in a single window.

To make their brand on the run, many companies today deal with multiple clients and that too on multiple platforms. It is difficult enough to manage the working of the company alone, to track the progress, find the areas of improvement, let alone manage social media too. That is why most opt for dashboards, which make it much easier to deal with a large amount of data.

The term dashboard is taken from automobiles, and just like it was there, here too it gives the whole data together for comparison and examination. It provides real-time examples after the extraction of data from various sources, showing your progress and downfall in different areas.

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There are three types of dashboards available namely, operational, analytic and strategic dashboard. Operational dashboards are used to measure changes, analytic dashboards use previous data to match and predict future results and strategic dashboards help work out pre-defined goals. These dashboards are each used in different situations considering the need of the user. For example, a data analyst may choose an analytic dashboard, whereas a digital marketer may opt for an operational one.

Dashboards have started playing an important part in different organizations. It has reduced the complexity and improved the readability of data. It gives you a clearer view of what’s working for your organization and what’s not and helps it progress. With the help of dashboards, decision making has also become easier, as the area lacking improvement can be spotted easily.

It also helps to maintain multiple social accounts in one window. The posts can be scheduled and the views can be tracked. This makes it much easier for agencies to function. Its real-time data tracking can detect even the slightest change in data and will thereby change the output accordingly. What’s more? These dashboards are highly customizable and you can filter out what or how much you want to see on screen.

Dashboards have helped many businesses flourish. With management dashboards, it becomes easier for management to understand its overall priorities and work accordingly. And not just that, with dashboards it becomes easier to get everyone updated with the recent activities in the company. Follow through all the meetings and discussions and focus on key projects. This isn’t limited to business, even on the health sector or in the entertainment industry, the need and use of dashboards remain the same.

In conclusion, we can agree that dashboards have become a part of data management systems and play an important role in most sectors today. So it won’t be wrong to say, that it more or less does rule the digital age.



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