What role does a dashboard play in social media management?

Social media is on its high and how!

Today, social media is something that plays pivotal in connecting and promoting your brand to the world. Connecting, interacting, sharing has been the trend on the go and we spend hours of our day looking at the screens of our laptops and phones doing the same. If one anchorage this social media trend effectively, it can do you the profit and lead millions of viewers to your website. According to a study conducted, more than half of viewers if impressed might share it further to their connections. So how do we manage the views on our website? How do we find our influencers and how our content is performing on different social media platforms? Here is when we come in need of a dashboard.

So what is a dashboard? It is an information and data management tool, that helps track, analyze and display key performance indicators (KPI). A social media dashboard is a management tool from where you can access and manage all your social media platforms. It will help you gather information and expand your business. You can view all your accounts from one place, manage your audience and not let your posts get lost in the ocean of posts on social media. In addition to these, a social media dashboard is customizable. Hence, you can view more or fewer data, as per your convenience. This tool has many features, which are aimed at making the whole social media management and publishing, simpler, efficient and standardized.

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Here’s a list of benefits you will enjoy, once you switch to a social media dashboard:

  • This dashboard helps in social media monitoring and tracking. A good social media dashboard will help you track the hashtags, keywords, competitors, etc and keep you updated on how your campaigns are working. It will help you grown new leads and establish new relations to keep you up with the latest trends.
  • Dashboards will help you schedule your posts, hence saving you the time to open each account to create a new post. Content moderation can be automated using this feature. This feature of dashboard help schedule post weeks or months before the actual date of posting and is also customizable and can be edited further later, if required.
  • Social media dashboard has a collaboration feature that helps us distribute the responsibility of managing different social networks. This tool come in handy for many agencies with multiple clients.

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  • With the help of a dashboard, it becomes easier to interact with customers, as it stores all the important messages and comments related to your product separately and notifies you about the same. This feature of filtering is helpful when interacting with a broad range of audience.
  • These dashboards help improve productivity. All your social media platforms being in one place, it sure saves you a lot of time and also helps you spend your time wisely on them.

So, if you feel like you are one of those firms who need a better publicity and management system in the virtual world. Fear not! Social media dashboards are here for your rescue. Switch to one now and make an impact on the “digital world” out there.




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